The Fat Girls Traveling Network
The Fat Girls Traveling Network

Welcome to The Fat Girls Traveling Network

A Safe Place For Plus Size Travelers.

About Us

The Fat Girls Traveling Network is a fat-positive community that encourages plus size travelers to live the lives of their dreams, now. 

Through resources, trips, events, and community we help plus size travelers get out of their comfort zones and see the world. 

Your membership to the Fat Girls Traveling Network includes access to monthly events and workshops, early registration for in-person events, exclusive giveaways and discounts, and more.

Why You Should Join

You're a member of our Facebook Community and want join our exclusive network. 

You're planning a trip and need help creating a fat-friendly itinerary. 

You want to connect with other plus size people in a safe private space without the worry of social media platforms. 

Rules of Engagement

By joining the Fat Girls Traveling Network you are agreeing to engage with this community in a respectful way. 

You are responsible for reading and adhering to our Community Guidelines. 

We encourage you to post questions, share content and  interact with other posts as well as join groups where you can connect online and offline. 

Any communication that threatens the safety of your community will not be tolerated and members will be removed for inappropriate behavior.